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Saddles & parts

"Gandrs" range of bicycle saddles improve cycling comfort and ensure you will have many pleasant rides. In this section you will find bike saddles, seat posts, seat clamps as well as saddle spare parts and accessories. Road bike saddles, mountain bike saddles, city bike and comfort saddles from natural leather and other materials – just choose the right style and get the best saddle for your needs! "Gandrs" offers various bike saddles to accommodate your anatomy, riding style, and design preference. It is very important to find a saddle in a shape that fits your body and riding style – the more stretched out your riding position and the faster you ride, the narrower the saddle you need.

Not only the chain and other bike parts, but also seatposts should be periodically removed from the frame, cleaned, greased and refitted to prevent the seatpost seizing in the frame. This is particularly important with bikes which don't have mudguards (fenders) that are regularly ridden in wet conditions.

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