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Add to cart Gaiters Alpine Gaiters Dryedge Millet Gaiters Alpine Gaiters Dryedge 54.90 € A high-cut protective gaiter for year-round modern mountaineering on ice, snow and mixed terrain, but also for hiking and rope-access working. Leg-hugging fit. Narrow, asymmetric, foot-hugging fit to limit snagging Fully waterproof and breathable membrane Foot specific Plastic stirrup cable Add to cart Gaiters Kids Gaiter II Vaude Gaiters Kids Gaiter II From 21.00 € up to 22.00 € Children's gaiters + robust and waterproof + versatile and user-friendly + eco-friendly manufacturing Environmentally-friendly, practical and waterproof: bluesign® certified all-round gaiters as fast donning pants protection for rain, mud and snow – optimal for kids who "only" wear waterproof shoes instead of rubber boots... Add to cart Gaiters High Route Gaiters Millet Gaiters High Route Gaiters 44.90 € A high-cut protective gaiter for year-round modern mountaineering on ice, snow and mixed terrain, but also for hiking and rope-access working. Leg-hugging fit. Add to cart Gaiters Pinguin Pinguin Gaiters Pinguin 30.40 € 38.00 € Tourist membrane gaiters with anatomical cut. - Calf part made of 3layer membrane fabric - Part that covers the shoe is produced from very durable and abrasion resistant Cordura 1000D fabric with PU coating. - Gaiters are openable with Velcro strip at the front. - Metal hook for attachement to shoe laces. - Durable Hypalon... Add to cart Gaiters Watzmann Gaiter II Vaude Gaiters Watzmann Gaiter II 42.00 € Product Description Reliable protection from trail debris: all-round gaiters made from coated 2-layer material with side zips and adjustable instep straps. Product Features: 2-layer fabric; Gripper at cuffs; Gaiter hook at the front; Full-length side zip; Adjustable with elastic cord; Neoprene stirrup with buckle. Material: Main... Add to cart Gaiters Trekking Fjallraven Gaiters Trekking From 0.00 € up to 69.00 € Gaiters that prevent snow and moisture from forcing their way under and up the trouser leg. Made from very durable PU-treated polyester fabric. Zipper protected by flap with velcro closures. Elastic adjustments up to and covering the ankle. Buckled strap that wraps under the foot and the front, top section has a hook that can... Add to cart Gaiters Nylon Lafuma Gaiters Nylon 12.87 € 25.75 € Snow, rain, mud is no match for this protective shoe covering that is designed with updated trims to deliver a dialed fit. Strap these on your hiking shoes, and feel confident in their snug fit and reinforced hooks. Full length zip.


If you are keen on hikes and other outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions, the extra layer of protection that gaiters give will help keep your outing a challenging adventure rather than a painful sufferfest. While waterproof hiking boots or ski boots will provide a significant amount of protection, gaiters work in tandem with your boots to protect the little nooks and crannies that are vulnerable to being encroached by abrasive environments or sneaky drops of rain or snow – like the top of the boot.

Whether snow, rain or overgrown trails are the terrain du jour, in "Gandrs" storesyou will find different types of gaiters that excel for different activities, each with different features. These gaiters run from the bottom of your foot to mid-calf and are made of sturdy weather-resistant materials. Gaiter design and structure works well to protect your foot and lower leg from deep snow, wet underbrush or debris that you can pick up while hiking, skiing or mountaineering. Also available are low gaiters – they reach to about ankle height and are designed for less extreme conditions.

Most gaiters are also equipped with a strap that fits over the instep of your boot or shoe or lace hook that holds the gaiter in place; a top closure that cinches or clips tight to seal the upper half of the gaiter; and some sort of entry system.

Active leisure equipment stores "Gandrs" provides you with products by such renowned brands as Fjallraven, Millet, Pinguin, Vaude, Travelsafe, VJ and Lafuma; their gaiters will keep your legs and feet dry and safe during most types of outdoor activities, especially hiking.