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Nature is our biggest treasure, it is common for everyone, full of secrets and unrevealed wonders, inexpressible beauty and diversity! Gandrs has taken care of memorializing this fairness on paper, to make our pearls of nature visible to everyone.

In shops Gandrs you will find nature key-books, which will help to identify mushrooms, Latvia’s plants, animal pedals in nature, Latvia’s snales and mammals. Available various kinds of educational literature, video and audio, maps and magazines including “Latvijas Daba”, “Vides Vēstnesis” and “Ceļot Prieks”. Black spawn in Baltic Sea, mortification of lake Lubāns, the Yukon expedition and Vidzeme’s North spaciouness are just some of the topics, which are mentioned in Gandrs offered documentaries. To help you find the unrevealed nature beauty, we also offer various maps and atlases, Latvia’s motorroad map, Riga’s plan and map series “Ar karti dabā”.

All materials which are available in Gandrs shops, have been produced in collaboration with such companies as Vides vārds, Preses nams, Nacionālais apgāds, Jāņa sēta, Vides projekti, Gandrs, Petzl and Ceļotprieks. Various kinds of these informative materials and literature are available in Latvian, English and Russian. Nowadays, a book has come a value that lives through centuries, initiating us with nature and world wonders, beauty of them, mightiness, but, at the same time, cruelty and inevitability… Nature is one, common and very special to all of us - let’s mercy and take care of this worldly fairness together!