Jūs esat apmeklējis mājas lapas versiju angļu valodā. Lapu iespējams skatīt arī latviešu valodā
  1. Books


Nature is our biggest treasure: we share it between all of us, it is full of secrets and undiscovered wonders, indescribable beauty and diversity. "Gandrs" has made sure to immortalize this magic on paper, to make our pearls of nature visible to everyone.

In "Gandrs" stores you will find nature encyclopedias and guide books that will help you identify mushrooms, Latvia’s flora, snails and mammals as well as animal footprints in nature. We also offer various kinds of educational literature, video and audio recordings, maps and magazines including “Latvijas Daba”, “Vides Vēstnesis” and “Ceļotprieks”. Black spawn in the Baltic Sea, reining in of lake Lubāns, the Yukon expedition and Vidzeme’s North spaciousness are just some of the topics that are mentioned in the documentaries available at "Gandrs". To help you find the beautiful parts of our nature you have not yet discovered, we also offer various maps and atlases, maps of Latvia’s motorroads, plans of the city of Riga as well as map series “Ar karti dabā”, which includes four different maps-tour guides, one for each of Latvia's historic regions, offering a brief description of the must-see sites of each region; these map books have been created on laminated pages to ensure that you will still be able to find your way around even after a rainshower.

All of the reading material available in "Gandrs" stores have been produced in collaboration with such national companies as Vides vārds, Preses nams, Nacionālais apgāds, Jāņa sēta, Vides projekti, Gandrs and Ceļotprieks. Several of these literature editions are available in Latvian, English and Russian.

Nowadays, books have come a disappearing value that lives through centuries, able to share with us the heritage and worldviews of our forefathers, the nature and the wonders of the world that they saw with their eyes and that have now fallen into decay – the beauty of them, the mightiness, as well as the cruelty and inevitability. Nature is one, and very special to all of us – let’s care for it together!