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Camping furniture

If you have ever seen a perfect place to take a deep breath and rest during your travels, "Gandrs" has the necessities to take full advantage of this beautiful piece of nature. We offer the best and most useful tourism furniture to let you fully enjoy the memorable moments, so there is nothing to worry about. Manufacturers Lafuma, Pinguin and Eurotrail have created collections of camping furniture that will be perfectly suitable for a variety of outdoor trips and even activities in your own garden — depending on your needs and preferences.

"Gandrs" offers convenient, light and collapsible chairs that will be practically useful while traveling and at times when you may want to take a moment to relax, as well as comfortably spend your free time. In this section you will find multifunctional and simple chairs which will be easy to take with you on your trip. Our assortment is wide enough so that each lover of comfort could find a chair that will be the most appropriate for their specific wishes and requirements — these chairs which will be ideal for sunbathing in your backyard as well as for rest on camping or hiking trips. To guarantee that your moments of relaxation will be wholesome, we also offer easily collapsible camping tables for tourism needs, so you can put everything you need for your leisure time in a one place. These tables can be easily transformed and adjusted to various conditions, so it is possible to use them during leisure time in campings, garden picnics and other recreational trips.

When choosing your new item of camping furniture, as well as any other tourism inventory, it is important to remember that this choice will affect your comfort and well-being while outdoors, so we advise to assess carefully whether you intend to have this tourism furniture serve you for times of enjoying the summer and spring sun in your backyard, for use in camping sites and unspoiled nature or even during travels and hikes in extreme conditions.

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