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  1. Sports equipment

Sports equipment

Without doubt, everyone knows that answer to helthy lifestyle secrets can be found in physical activities. Shop Gandrs has become a place where meet “green thinking” and active people. Here it is possible to find all needed to make unforgettable adventures in nature and enjoy sports activities.

Swimming accessories, outdoor ans sports watches, outdoor food and sports nutrition, fishing accessories, nordic walking poles, roller skates, sports eyewear and many more unmentioned wonders for buyers’ eyes you will find in active leisure goods shop Gandrs! Make your swimming season longer with various swimming accessories, keep an eye on your distance, speed and heart rate with a help of sports and outdoor watches, provide energy reserve to your body with sports and outdoor food, including main courses, vegeterian meals, breakfast and desserts, catch the biggest fish with Gandrs offerd fishing accessories, walk till the edge of the world using nordick walking poles and feel the magic of Latvia’s fresh air. Such manufacturers as Aqua-Speed, Garmin, Isostar, Jaxon etc. have taken care of your well-being and has created everything to combine fun in nature with maximum comfort. Make wonderful memories in nature together with Gandrs!