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Rubber boots

If you want to enjoy yourself in rainy weather without worries about wet and muddy areas, you will find our rubber boots and shoes range quite useful; these items are made of high quality materials that guarantee waterproofing. Some of them are also supplemented with a warm lining which makes these boots suitable for wear in the cold time of the year. These rubber boots will certainly be appreciated by anglers, hunters and other nature lovers.

Many people had their first experience of the wellington, welly or rubber boot as a child and remember them as cold and stiff items that you need to wear two pairs of socks with in order to make them bearable, but not anymore! Nowadays, they have become trendy and suitable for most activities. 

Rubber boots were first revealed to the world in the beginning of 19th century and became popular among french farmers. During the First World War more than a million pairs of rubber boots were sold to the military forces, whereas today these boots are suitable for various outdoor activities, from working in a garden, hunting, fishing, casual walks in the countryside or on wet city streets. If you are not keen on rubber boots, we also offer rubber shoes, which will be comfortable on warmer rainy days.

The models of high rubber boots have a widened bootleg, they are made of natural rubber, the internal part of the boot is lined and in combination with the rubber exterior provides outstanding comfort, adapting even to the smallest movements of the foot. We also offer combined material models, such as elegant-looking rubber boots for men, suitable for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, made by combining two natural materials – water-resistant, soft cow leather and natural rubber.

"Gandrs" provides a wide range of men's and women's rubber boots, useful in all seasons.

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