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  1. Winter sports
  2. Snowboarding


Snowboarding is an extreme sport with an extreme venue in the great outdoors. To ensure that your time on the mountain is spent riding as opposed to worrying about the elements, invest in our quality equipment and you'll stay warm and safe.

Women, men and children snowboars for freestyle, ridestyle, as well as all mountain snowboards you will find in shops Gandrs. Women-specific boards match a woman's frame and stance, with narrower waist widths (for smaller feet), slightly less camber and softer flex (engineered for the way women drive energy into a board). While kids grow fast, parents should avoid buying an adult board, hoping your child will grow into it. An oversized board can be unmanageable for a child and slow their skill development.

When matched to your board, boots and ride style, snowboard bindings transfer energy and respond to your body’s shifts for precise control. Choose bindings based on your riding style, ability level, board/boots compatibility and comfort. Snowboard bindings must accommodate your boot size. A compatible binding will grip a boot snugly and securely, but without forcing the boot into position or pinching it into place. Bindings should allow your boots to flex, without letting them wobble or shift.