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Alpine skiing

Fresh air, snowy mountain peaks, adrenaline and breath-taking rides with alpine skis...if you think the same, have a look – "Gandrs" offers you high-level alpine skis for freeride and freestyle rides, as well as the rest of the necessary equipment for a complete skiing set – alpine ski bindings, alpine ski boots, alpine ski poles, ski bags and more.

We sell skiing equipment for men and women, as well as children. Women-specific skis are typically lighter, softer and/or shorter, making them easier to maneuver than comparable men's skis due to less energy being required to flex a ski a given distance. This minimizes fatigue without compromising performance. Bindings on women's skis are usually mounted a little farther forward on skis than men's bindings, which is another adjustment to accommodate women's lower center of gravity. This enhances a female skier's balance and stability and the ski's responsiveness.

In regard to the youngest generation of skiers, tt may make sense to buy clothes that kids can "grow into," but that strategy does not pay off for aspiring young skiers. Equip them with skis that are a good fit for their current size, otherwise they will have trouble controlling equipment that is too big, which, in turn, will hinder their learning progress. You must always choose ski length based on your weight, height, skill level and terrain preference.

Lastly, ski boots are the key link between your body and your skis, so finding boots well-matched to the size and shape of your feet is a high priority, whereas alpine ski poles need to be strong enough for planting turns, light enough so your arms don't tire and flexible enough to withstand hard falls.