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Nordic walking poles

"Gandrs" offers lightweight and durable Nordic walking poles of fixed or adjustable lengths as well as spare straps and gloves for your hands. For Nordic walking on hard surface you will find also special caps, provided by manufacturer Komperdell.

To those who are new to the sport, Nordic walking is a pretty straight-forward hybrid of fitness walking and cross-country or “Nordic” skiing. No matter how you use your poles, people are likely to ask you if you are training for skiing or if you have simply forgotten your skis at home. Don’t worry if you know nothing about Nordic skiing, because it is not actually much more complicated than just walking. When you walk, the right arm naturally swings forward when the left leg takes a step, and it’s the same when you go Nordic walking. So the good news is that although balancing and gliding on two thin skis can take years to master, if you can walk, you can master at least the basics of Nordic walking in almost no time.

If you plan to make Nordic walking your new favorite outdoor activity, in the long run it is important that the poles you use would be made from high quality materials and would be of a proper length in order to maximize the safety and benefits of the activity. Komperdell Nordic walking pole shafts are lightweight, strong and stiff, and are designed to effectively reduce vibration in order to provide quiet operation and prevent any shock-related injuries.

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