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  1. Loan terms

Loan terms

Make a purchase, using Aizdevums.lv loan.

Shopping on www.gandrs.eu

  • Choose products and place them in the cart.
  • Choose the payment method – LOAN.
  • Fill the form.
  • Receive a message from the web-shop administrator (usually within a day).
  • Receive your order in one of the "Gandrs" shops or using courier services (you will need to show an ID).

Shopping in "Gandrs" shops

  • Choose products.
  • Go to the shop-assistant and form the Loan Agreement (15-30 min).


In this paper are used following terms:

Creditor – SIA “AIZDEVUMS.LV”;

Guarantor – a physical person who, when submitting the required documents and signing the surety agreement, provides a guarantee for the client's obligations under the credit agreement;

Loan – money loan, loan for purchasing SIA “GANDRS IT” goods;

Application – application for receiving the Loan;

Crediting Agreement – agreement for giving the Loan.

1. General terms

1.1. Loans are issued to clients aged 18 or over – with or without a Guarantor, depending on the customer's income and other circumstances. Necessity of a Guarantor is determined by the Creditor.

1.2. The possible Loan amount is from 100.00 EUR (one hundred euros, 00 cents) to 4500.00 EUR (four thousand five hundred euros, 00 cents).

1.3. The possible Loan term is from 3 (three) to 60 (sixty) months.

1.4. The Loan terms (Loan amount, repayment period, interest rate, commission fee amount and other terms) are determined by the Creditor.

2. Filling the Loan Application

2.1. In order to apply for a Loan, the Customer (if necessary, the Guarantor) shall perform one of the following activities:

  • fills the Application on “GANDRS IT” Ltd. homepage (www.gandrs.eu), which is synchronized with Creditor's online system;
  • fills the Application in one of “Gandrs IT” Ltd. trading points;
  • provides “Gandrs IT” Ltd. employee with all necessary information so that the employee can fill the Application in the creditor's online system.

2.2. In case the customer needs a Guarantor, an employee of “GANDRS IT” Ltd. informs the client that the Guarantor has to fill in the Application specifying the person whose obligations the Guarantor wants to guarantee. The application must be submitted either to SIA “GANDRS IT” or to the Creditor. In the event of a loan being granted, the Crediting loan can be concluded at “Gandrs” Ltd. upon arrival of the Guarantor who has to sign the contract of guarantee.

2.3. After receiving the Application “GANDRS IT” Ltd. employee:

  • advises the client on completing the Application and the services offered by the Creditor;
  • verifies the identity of the customer (if necessary with the Guarantor) in accordance with the requirements referred to in Clause 5 of the Terms, and compares the data of the identity document with the data presented in the Application;
  • at the Creditor's request, sends a signed Application, a copy of the identification document, the Guarantor's Application and a copy of his identification document by e-mail.

3. Consideration of the Loan Application

3.1. The Creditor considers the Application not longer than 2 (two) days from the date of its receipt and informs "Gandrs IT” Ltd. and the Client about the decision taken.
Possible types of decisions:

  • Approve the Application fully or partly;
  • Request a guarantor (-s);
  • Request additional information or documents from the customer;
  • Reject the Application;
  • Stop processing the Application.

3.2. In case the Creditor requests additional documents, such as a workplace certificate, pensioner certificate or any other documents after the Application has been processed, an employee of "Gandrs IT" Ltd. has the right to request the necessary documents from the client and send copies to the Creditor.

4. Conclusion of the Crediting Agreement

4.1. Before signing the Crediting agreement, an employee of “Gandrs IT” Ltd. ascertains whether the agreement is concluded with the person who has submitted the Application.

4.2. When the client arrives at “Gandrs IT” Ltd. trading point or customer service center “Gandrs IT” Ltd. employee:

  • makes a copy of the client’s identification document. Customer’s pre-prepared copies are not accepted. The copy must include the customer’s photo, name, surname, personal No., document number, authority, expiration date. On the copy the customer/Guarantor makes a note “The copy is intended for submission to “Aizdevums.lv” Ltd.” and indicates his name, surname, date and signature. In case the client purchases the goods at the online shop, it is permissible to use a copy of the identification document provided by the customer, but the goods are handed out only after the customer has presented the original document which corresponds to the submitted copy;
  • from the online system prints the Crediting Agreement in 2 (two) copies, the Guarantee Agreement (if required) in 2 (two) copies and invoice in 2 (two) copies;
  • hand over to the customer and the guarantor all copies of the Crediting Agreement, the Guarantee Agreement and the invoice. The Customer and the Guarantor must sign each page of the Crediting Agreement or Guarantee Agreement and decipher signatures on all pages (it is forbidden to use a stamp for deciphering the signatures).

After signing the Agreements, the Customer and the Guarantor receive one copy of the Agreement.

5. Terms of person's identification

5.1. Identification requires the original of a passport or identification card of a citizen of the Republic of Latvia or a non-citizen of the Republic of Latvia, whose term of validity is not less than 5 (five) days from the date of signing the Crediting Agreement.

5.2. A permanent residence permit issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia may be used for identification of foreigners or stateless persons. The permit is valid as an identification document together with a document on the basis of which the permanent residence permit has been issued and its validity period is not shorter than the Loan repayment period.

5.3. As part of the identification process, the customer must submit the original identification document. When identifying a client, an employee of “Gandrs” Ltd. checks the validity period of the client's personal document, visually compares the customer with the image on the personal document, verifies whether the person's name and gender indicated in the document correspond to the client's gender and whether the document holder’s height (if any) corresponds approximately to the client's height.

5.4. Documents that are deemed to be invalid, defective documents, documents with corrections, and documents giving rise to suspicion of forgery are not accepted for identification.

5.5. The identification procedure described in this section is also fully applicable to the Guarantor’s identification process.