Jūs esat apmeklējis mājas lapas versiju angļu valodā. Lapu iespējams skatīt arī latviešu valodā
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Bigger or smaller - but at the same time very important trifles for successful fishing which will help you to return home with a great catch and fresh mind. In every passionate angler’s tool box you will find fishhooks, fishing spoons, fish tanks for fish keeping in water, various kinds of wobblers and artificial bait, winter fishing-rods, solid fishing lines, angler’s accessories, fish feeders, jigs with weather, fishing bobbers, counterweights, twisters, fishing-rod accessories and more useful fishing accessories for perfect day on waters.

Shop Gandrs will help you to atjust necesary tools for appurtenant waters - even if you have chosen weedy lakes and still waters or rapid rivers with bigger stream and wawes. Our fishing accessories are provided by such worldwide known manufacturers as Salmo, Rapala, Jaxon, Reflex, Mepps etc. These manufacturers have earned trust from experienced and skilled anglers. Fill your fishing tool box and get the biggest catch together with active leisure shop Gandrs