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Winter sports protectors

Our provided protective gear will reduce injuries, for her or him, or expand your limits. The best advice: wear protection, pretend it is not so, and act accordingly. We take care of the comfort, the protection values and best material. Leg protectors, arm protectors, back protectors, neck protectors and protective shorts worn in several sports from Alpina Sports, Komperdell, Alpinestars and Elan Skis. Gandrs offers you trends of the new materials and techniques, new products and items.

Komperdell protectors provide maximum cover in the spinal area – down to the coccyx. The memory foams absorb the impact force and dispose it over the whole surface of the protector. Common hard-shell protectors, however, absorb the impact force only punctually. After a crash, Komperdell memory foams recover and expand automatically into their primary state. The function of a protector is similar to an airbag in cars. In case of a fall, they absorb up to 90% of the impact energy. To match the highest protection demands, Komperdell combine up to six layers of foam in different thicknesses and densities and adhere them punctually. The result of this technique is a highly flexible system which adapts perfectly to the different body shapes.