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Seat clamp Frodon

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: 0.03 kg

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Have you ever been on a ride where you seat post will not stay in one place? The Frodon will make sure that this never happens to you again. CNC machined from 6061 alloy to be light and durable the Frodon only weighs 13 grams (34.9mm clamp) The Frodon is also available in a handful of colors to make sure that it does not clash with your bike.

Product Seat clamps
Average weight 0.03 kg
Catalog numbers FSC13FD300A6CM, FSC13FD300A6CM-419, FSC13FD349A6CM-422, FSC13FD349A6CM, FSC13FD349A6CM-420, FSC13FD318A6CM-419, FSC13FD286A6CM-422
Availability everything found in the catalog is available in our stores and warehouses;
Color: Seatpost clamp size: Location: Barcode:
Black 30.0 L 4712931176674
Blue 30.0 K28 A 4712931176797
Grey 30.0 K28 A V L 4712931176711
Red 30.0 K28 V L 4712931176759
Black 34.9 K28 A L 4712931176698
Blue 34.9 K28 A 4712931176810
Grey 34.9 V L 4712931176735
Red 34.9 K28 A V L 4712931176773
Black 31.8 K28 A L 4712931176681
Blue 31.8 K28 A V 4712931176803
Grey 31.8 K28 A V L 4712931176728
Red 31.8 K28 A V L 4712931176766
Black 28.6 K28 A L 4712931176667
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