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Gandrs offers Optimus, Primus, Pinguin, Providus+, Esbit and Campingaz gas burners, gas bottles, liquid fuel and dry spirit burners and stoves.

Optimus specializes in various gas burner producing for tourism needs and has created a special built-in cleaning needle for burners. Optimus burner Polaris Optifuel is created to make your meal preparation easier while you are relaxing in nature. It is a self-cleaning aluminum burner with built-in cleaning needle that run on both - gas and fuel (petrol, kerosene, diesel). Using the gas bottle, it is easy to switch four-season mode to use the burner in low air temperatures. Crux Lite burner, which is one of the lightest gas burners in the world, will boil 1 liter of water in 3 minutes time (depends on weather conditions). Optimus four season gas mixture of propane, butane and isobutane is ideal for low temperatures. Optimus products will be suitable for long hiking and mountain expeditions

Primus is known by millions of people around the world. With one Primus gas bottle (450g) is enough to boil 30 liters of water. Thanks to various gas mixtures, these gas bottles are suitable for using in both – harsh weather or nice summer days.

Pinguin produced burners and accessories are one of the company's examples of excellence - the company creates products that combine reasonable price and high quality. Currently Pinguin burners and gas bottles are the most demanded among our clients. Especially popular is gas burner Spider, which is excellent for tours and mountain hikes. Spider burner's durable construction is made of stainless steel and aluminum, so it withstands high loads, but wide flame spreader provides quick meal preparation. Providus+ offers tourism accessories – gas burners and bottles, stoves and gas lanterns, which are characterized by high quality, innovation and reliability.

It is important to remember that the gas burners help prepare food faster than other burners.