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Multifunctional scarves

Multifunctional scarves or bandanas for every taste and need here in "Gandrs" headwear section – we offer all-season and season-specific multifunctional scarves, neckwarmers, multifunctional scarves for children, men and women. These scarves have a large spectrum of applications as they can be used as a scarf, a balaclava, a headband, a hat, a cravat, a wristband, even as a hairnode. Our wide range of multifunctional scarves is provided by manufacturers H.A.D., Chaos, Northwave and F-lite.

The H.A.D. scarves have a soft and seamless construction with a length of approx. 50 cm. The elasticity and exceptional resistance to abrasions keeps it in shape and extends its lifecycle – no pilling, no distortion. The polyester fabric used in these scarves is known for its high breathability and quick drying qualities. H.A.D. multifunctional scarves are versatile in use, breathable, wind and water-resistant, they provide protection from the sun, cold, wind and harsh weather in general.

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