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Dishes for food, drinks, boiling and frying from such global traders as Light My Fire, Primus, Optimus, Esbit, Isostar, Contigo etc. For beverage storage suitable will be bottles, teapots, cups, travel and thermal mugs, but for cooking – travel pots and pans, travel spoons and forks, travel dish sets, condiment cups and plates. In order to make your meals perfect even outside your home, tourism dishes and eating utensils in Gandrs shops are available in a wide range that will allow you to find everything you need for perfect food enjoying in nature. Available durable plastic and titanium dishes and eating utensils, and anodized aluminum pots and pans, which significantly will facilitate the food preparing outside the home. For larger companies we offer big travel pots, which can be used also for cooking on the fire.

Thinking about comfortable eating, we also offer folding long spoons, which are perfect for eating from the tourism food bags. To ensure a civilized eating and cooking in outdoor conditions also useful will be Light My Fire FireForks. They are safe and protects you from the risk of injury and other property damage. Tourism pans and pots can also be equipped with a gripper handle, made of very lightweight and solid anodized aluminum with a silicone layer. Gandrs also offers wide range of tourism bottles for adults and kids. These dishes will help you to make memorable and delicious meals closer to nature. For more amenities see also our tourism furniture section.