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  1. Winter sports
  2. Snowshoes


If you've ever felt frustration when faced with deep, fresh snow, you will be pleased to hear that snowshoeing is easy to do and fairly inexpensive. Snowshoes allow you to travel across snow-covered ground without sinking or struggling, which is much easier than walking with regular winter boots. Snowshoes provide the function of "flotation" by spreading your weight evenly over a large, flat surface area. This flotation allows you to hike, climb or even run. Thus snowshoeing can easily extend your hiking or running season into winter. It lets you enjoy winter views in solitude or can be a social activity as people of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the pastime together.

Snowshoe size is a key factor in getting the right amount of flotation. Generally, the heavier the person or the lighter and drier the snow, the more snowshoe surface area is required. Although your weight provides some traction by pushing snowshoes into the snow, snowshoes feature tooth-like crampons or cleats for greater grip. You don't need special footwear to go snowshoeing. Most snowshoe bindings are built to be compatible with a variety of footwear styles, from hiking boots to snowboard boots. For longer hikes, we recommend to avoid loose-fitting boots with removable liners as the liners eventually pack down and leave your feet cold.

French company Morpho offers high quality snowshoes that are suitable for any weight and comfort needs – you just have to choose the most appropriate option for your wishes. With these snowshoes moments on snowy sufaces will become the greatest pleasure!

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