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Knives & multitools

Usually when we hear the word "knife", we think of an accessory with limited functionality, but under the "Gandrs" meaning of this word lies much more, paraphrasing our traditional conception. The usage options of multitools are virtually countless and the existing range of tools available is often the same as in an actual craftsman’s tool box. Despite its extensive functionality, a multitool can be easily put in your pocket, keeping it close at hand at any time. In this section you will find an assortment of multitools, axes, scissors, folding and regular knives and their accessories that will significantly ease your daily life, trips, hikes and more. These goods are provided by such manufacturers as Victorinox, Leatherman, Herbertz, Marttiini, Gerber, that have acquired years of experience and polished their skills in the field of producing multitools, thus offering high quality products.

Specially remarkable are the folding Swiss knives, produced by manufacturer Victorinox. This brand impresses with unique design, functionality, innovations and exceptional quality standards that have been kept at an unchangingly high level for more than 130 years. Today Victorinox has grown from a humble army knife creator into a global company, offering a wide collection of knives and providing invaluable quality and perfect performance. For safe carrying of your knife and proper caring for it, in our stores you will also find knife cases, knife sharpeners, blade oil, as well as a variety of accessories, including knife pens and toothpicks. It is also possible to purchase knife and tool kits which will enable you to do various practical tasks in everyday life and during trips.

Folding knives and multi-tools will be an integral part of tourism hikes, trips and other activities in nature, but the simplest of our knives will also be useful for daily tasks.

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