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Add to cart Poles Carbon UltraLite Vario 4 Compact Komperdell Poles Carbon UltraLite Vario 4 Compact 151.20 € 189.00 € Wanting an extremely light pole? Foldable, stable and extremely small packed size Sizes: packed size: 44 cm adjustable from 120 - 145 cm Features: TAC 280 light grip padded strap carbon superlight/superstiff with Rocksleeve 4-sections, 2-times foldable Approach 2.0 lock Powerlock 3.0 mechanism ice-flex basket ice-flex... Add to cart Poles Trekmaster Komperdell Poles Trekmaster 78.90 € Trekmaster - Very light and comfortable 3 section trekking poles made out of lightweight and durable 7075 aluminum alloy. Poles are outfitted with ergonomic, durable and shock absorbing EVA foam handle, reliable Powerlock 3.0 locking system and Carbide Flextip. Add to cart Nūjas uzgrieznis 14 mm Komperdell Nūjas uzgrieznis 14 mm 2.10 € Komperdell Titnal.HF expanding nut 14mm. Serves as locking mechanism. Add to cart Pole Pumori Lafuma Pole Pumori 20.00 € The 3 section aluminium trekking pole can be easily adapted to the optimal body size thanks to screw together locking system. Comfortable slanted hard rubber handle with adjustable wrist loop delivers exceptional comfort on long treks. Diameter: 14, 16 und 18 mm Add to cart Nūjas uzgrieznis 12 mm Komperdell Nūjas uzgrieznis 12 mm 2.10 € Komperdell Titnal.HF expanding nut 12mm. Serves as locking mechanism. Add to cart Cone Stop Lock 12/14 mm Komperdell Cone Stop Lock 12/14 mm 5.20 € Komperdell Stop Lock cone pole adjusment. Material: Titanal.HF Add to cart Nūjas uzgaļa groziņš Lafuma Lafuma Nūjas uzgaļa groziņš Lafuma 0.82 € 1.50 € Replacement trekking baskets with notches for Lafuma trekking poles. Add to cart Pole Walker Power Lock 2 Komperdell Pole Walker Power Lock 2 34.90 € Features: + Walker Comfort cork grip + Padded Walker strap + 3-section: Ø 16/14 mm + Aluminium 7075-T6 + Power Lock 2.0 mechanism + Vario Trekking basket + Flex Steel tip Add to cart Pole Agnel Baton 3 Brins Lafuma Pole Agnel Baton 3 Brins 24.90 € 3-piece telescopic hiking pole with speedlock system Tube lengths: 18 mm, 16 mm, 14 mm Slanted EVA foam handle with adjustable, lined wrist loop Tungsten tip with rubber tipguard Summer and winter baskets

Trekking poles

Ten years ago hardly anyone used trekking poles, but now its rare to see someone on an adventure without them. Trekking poles help improve balance on uneven ground and save energy going up and down steep trails. Studies have shown that trekking poles can reduce the force of impact on your knees by up to 40% — that is a quality a backpacker or hiker of any age can appreciate.

Trekking poles are an essential tool for hiking and mountaineering: like ski poles, they allow your arms to help propel you forward and upward. Whether walking on flat ground or up steep hills, poles will help increase your average speed. They also reduce the impact on your legs, knees, ankles, and feet; this can be felt when going downhill. Walking with poles can help you establish and maintain a consistent rhythm, thus increasing your speed. This is especially true on flatter, non-technical terrain. Additionally, the two extra points of contact that your trekking poles provide significantly increase your traction on slippery surfaces like mud, snow, and loose rocks as well as help you maintain balance on difficult terrain such as river crossings, tree root-strewn trails and slippery bog bridges. Staying balanced in turn makes your movements faster and easier. Trekking poles can be also used for purposes other than trekking, for example, they save the weight of bringing specific tent poles: trekking poles are much stronger and more rigid than tent poles, so they're less likely to break in high winds.

See the best Komperdell, Pinguin, Petzl and Lafuma trekking poles in "Gandrs" stores and make your hikes unforgettable!