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  1. Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty terms and conditions

All items purchased from Gandrs are covered by a 2 year warranty. Your receipt or invoice, serves as your warranty card.

Warranty covers damage caused by a manufacturing defect or raw material quality. You can invoke the warranty by contacting us. If a repair is required, bring the product and the associated receipt to any of our stores. Free warranty repair will be carried out, according to manufacturer's rules.

To avoid misunderstandings, please read the product manual carefully.

Terms of warranty:

  • warranty doesn't cover natural wear and tear;
  • warranty doesn't cover mechanical damage, scratches or other damage caused by careless use;
  • warranty doesn't cover product design elements;
  • warranty doesn't cover water damage, unless the product is marked as 'waterproof';
  • warranty doesn't cover damage caused by fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters;
  • the manufacturer has the right to refuse warranty, if there are visible traces of unqualified attempts at repair;
  • warranty only applies to product for which the customer can produce a receipt;

These warranty conditions are in compliance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

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