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Climbing harnesses

Professional harnesses for work at height, rescuers and military forces, as well as for sports mountaineering, rock climbing, Via Ferrata trails, canyoning and rope trails. Gandrs offers harnesses for sports activities and work (also harnesses for arborists) and harnesses’ accessories. Here you will find lover body harnesses, upper body harnesses as well as full harnesses for children, men, women and unisex.

Singing Rock range of harnesses is suited for every situation that may occur in industrial (professional) climbing. Singing Rock harnesses are suitable for positioning or rope access as well as rescue. They are used by ordinary work at height workers, arborists, rope access specialists, rescuers or military and special units. Harnesses are made from modern materials in the Czech Republic with 100% guarantee of quality and safety.

With a complete range for mountaineering, climbing, canyoning and caving, Petzl harnesses always meet three main criteria: climber safety, comfort and ergonomics.

Harnesses are attached to the rope and allow you to climb safely up a rock face. They should be comfortable without being restrictive, but also fitted to stop you from falling out when on a route. Harnesses are essential for supporting you on a climb and should be looked at as an investment purchase. Able to sustain your body weight as you climb, a harness should be unrestrictive yet snug, allowing you flexibility without risk.