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Equipment bags

One of the joys of rock climbing is getting high off the ground. The exhilarating exposure and incredible views give you a chance to see the world from a whole new perspective, both figuratively and literally...

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Add to cart Bag Transport 60 Free delivery to Latvia Petzl Bag Transport 60 146.00 € Designed for regular to intensive use, TRANSPORT 60 is a comfortable and durable pack. The back panel, shoulder straps, and waistbelt are padded with thermoformed foam to optimize comfort, even when carrying heavy loads. It is constructed with high-strength TPU tarp material to withstand intensive use without premature wear... Add to cart Bag Tarp Duffle 120L Free delivery to Latvia Singing Rock Bag Tarp Duffle 120L 150.00 € High-capacity transport bag for climbing or work gear made of durable laminated material and so almost indestructible rugged construction with extra bartacks and double stitching amply resilient to be roughed up in-flight, or to be transported up a mountain via a yak or off-road vehicle washable and water-resistant padded... Add to cart Rope bag Bucket 15L Petzl Rope bag Bucket 15L 39.00 € Simple and durable, the BUCKET 15 rope bag allows you to store up to 45 meters of 11 mm diameter rope. It remains upright and keeps its shape, even when empty, for easy access to the inside of the bag. It has an exterior pocket to store personal items and a marking area to quickly identify the contents of the bag. Its construction... Add to cart Bag Duffel 85 Bag Free delivery to Latvia Petzl Bag Duffel 85 Bag 153.00 € Designed to be carried in multiple ways, DUFFEL 85 is a convenient, ergonomic bag with a volume of 85 liters. The back and shoulder straps are padded for comfort when used as a backpack. Versatile, it can be carried in multiple ways with removable shoulder straps. The large opening allows easy access to equipment, including... Add to cart Backpack Bug 18 Petzl Backpack Bug 18 52.00 € The BUG backpack is designed for single-day multi-pitch rock climbing, and is versatile enough for everyday uses. Suitable for carrying gear on the approach and while climbing (hydration system, food, clothing, shoes). It is designed for the most efficient use while climbing: low profile, allows for full range of movement, stowaway... Add to cart Bag Ice Screws Bag Singing Rock Bag Ice Screws Bag 18.00 € Lightweight and convenient roll-up bag to protect and organize your ice screws + protects the threads and teeth of your ice screws + saves the space when they are stored in your backpack + snag-free slots for 8 ice screws of the length 12 – 22 cm + made from durable material + zippered mesh pocket for small items Add to cart Rope bag Carry Bag Singing Rock Rope bag Carry Bag 65.00 € CARRY BAG / C0001YY00 Practical bag intended for storage and transport of ropes as well as other gear made from durable and washable material plastic reinforcements keep the bag self-standing due to its shape it is easy to store the rope and rigging tools properly very convenient to carry your gear reinforced handle... Add to cart Backpack Transport 45L Free delivery to Latvia Petzl Backpack Transport 45L 113.00 € Add to cart Rope bag Portage 30L Petzl Rope bag Portage 30L 85.00 €