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Binoculars are the world's most used optical instrument, excluding eyeglasses, and they have a lot of different uses. Choosing the right binoculars for your specific application can be a challenge. Consider when, where, and how often you plan to use the binoculars to select the right combination of features that are right for your needs, for example, compact and wide-angle binoculars are great for outdoor activities and getting closer to the action watching sporting events at a stadium. These compact binoculars are easy to store in your pocket or on a strap around your neck, and the wide angle presents a good field of view. Sports and active leisure stores "Gandrs" offers Konus and Brunton binoculars and monoculars for various wishes and needs.

Konus was founded in 1979 in Verona, a city in the North of Italy. Since its birth this company has had a clear vision: to provide functional high quality products, supported by complete service, to ensure the total satisfaction of the consumer. Through the years this vision has become the company's mission.

Brunton Echo binoculars are perfect for camping and just about any other type of outdoor activity. They're durable, made from an aluminum frame with ergonomic body armor that makes for comfortable gripping. Because the body is aluminum, they're also lightweight, making them easy to carry while hiking or birdwatching. The Echo series lenses are muti-coated for excellent light transmission and clear images. The twist-up eyecups feel comfortable against the face and block out excess light. They can also accommodate wearers of optical glasses just as easily. All Echo models are tripod/monopod compatible.

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Add to cart Binoculars Titanium OH 8X42 W.A. Free delivery to Latvia KONUS Binoculars Titanium OH 8X42 W.A. 128.00 € Highly touted by the most demanding customers due to their spectacular optical quality, the Titanium binoculars are now better looking that ever. Our newest 8×42 model feature a modern and sleek open hinge design that enhances their appearance while maximizing their portability. LONG EYERELIEF BAK-4 PRISMS MULTI COATED... Add to cart Adapter Universal Smartphone Adapter KONUS Adapter Universal Smartphone Adapter 19.00 € Enables you to connect your smartphone to telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and other optical instruments for taking pictures and recording videos. Add to cart Binoculars Abyss 7x50 WP Free delivery to Latvia KONUS Binoculars Abyss 7x50 WP 139.00 € Add to cart Binoculars Alpino 10x25 KONUS Binoculars Alpino 10x25 43.00 € SPECIFICATIONS • 10x MAGNIFICATION • CENTRAL FOCUS • MULTI-TREATED OPTICS • RUBBER COVERING • CASE INCLUDED Add to cart Binoculars Next-2 8x21 KONUS Binoculars Next-2 8x21 33.00 € These instruments give you the possibility to carry the power of observation anywhere, their reduced dimensions, the optical quality and the special rubber covering, make them indispensable items for travelling, trekking, following sport events and so on. 02019 NEXT-2 8x21 Type: compact Magnification per objective diameter... Add to cart Binoculars KonusArmy 7X50 KONUS Binoculars KonusArmy 7X50 81.00 € This product stands out as a true military binocular in both its classical design and its remarkable specifications, which make it an ideal choice for every sportsman and professional that is looking for rugged and highly perfroming equipment that will never let him down. Its BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics provide the... Add to cart Binoculars Vivisport-2 16X32 KONUS Binoculars Vivisport-2 16X32 38.00 € VIVISPORT have got the greatest magnification range among pocket binoculars. Usually magnification changes between 8x and 10x, but VIVISPORT arrive untill 16x, giving the opportunity to observe more details. Simple and essential line joined to a special non-skid rubberizing that warrants a safe grip. VIVISPORT binoculars... Add to cart Monocle Echo Pocket Scope 7x18 Brunton Monocle Echo Pocket Scope 7x18 24.00 € 32.00 € Impressive performance in a 7x18 monocular, thanks to top-end BaK-4 prism glass and multi-coated optics. Bright, sharp image as close as 13 inches. Includes: lanyard and case.