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Choose the best handlebars in the right shape that suits to your riding discipline. Road bike handlebars and mountain bike handlebars in various shapes and sizes from such brands as Ergotec, Funn, Merida and others – enjoy the performance, comfort and control options found in "Gandrs" range of handlebars!

Remember that the selection of handlebars affects not only your comfort during a ride but also has a direct impact on your bike's handling characteristics – the selected bicycle handlebar have to work well with the rest of your steering system.

There are only a few handlebar models available in the Funn range, but products of sufficient quality and popular all over the world:

KINGPIN BAR - Crafted from Supreme 7 alloy, the Funn KingPin bar is the perfect balance of strength, weight and comfort. It’s the best handlebar we’ve ever made. The KingPin is designed for everything from World Cup downhill tracks to your local woods. It helped Veronika Widmann onto the podium at several elite World Cup races during 2019 and has steered our athletes across the world to heaps of national championship and series victories. Whether you’re aiming to reach the podium or just beat your mates, the KingPin guarantees you’ll always ride like a boss.

FULL ON – The Funn Full On bar takes the shape of our high-spec KingPin and presents it in more-affordable AL6061 alloy. The Full On is the ultimate combination of performance and value, with downhill racer strength and a young gun price tag. The Full On is available in 31.8mm and 35mm clamp diameters and has a tough, durable sand-blasted finish.

G WIDE – The Funn G-Wide bar is a super-wide, tough and lightweight aluminium drop-bar. It offers maximum control and stability for all of your off-road, drop-bar adventures from racing to backcountry exploration. With 480mm and 500mm options available and a hefty 25° flare, G-Wide is perfect for bigger riders, mountain bikers that are used to wide bars… or anyone that wants a large, stable cockpit. 

FLAME ON - Crafted from tough but light AL7050, the Funn Flame On puts a high-spec and high-performance bar within reach of all budgets. The Flame On is available in 680mm and 710mm and with 0mm rise and 0° upsweep.

Funn offers not only quality products in terms of material, but also in terms of design, the handlebars is available in different colors so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

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