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Climbing accessories

Various climbing accessories - climbing gloves, climbing magnesium, chalk bags, mattresses, throwing bags and more.

Knowing what you will be doing and where you will be doing it will help pinpoint the gloves that will best suit your fall and winter adventures. Whether you’re an afternoon hiker or getting ready for a climbing expedition, your gloves will need the right amount of insulation, waterproofness, dexterity, coverage or a balance between these. For ice climbers or mountaineers that live in cold and dry conditions, you will want a glove that is warm, water resistant and provides an ample amount of dexterity to ensure that you can confidently handle your gear, like your ice axes.

Magnesium carbonate, or 'chalk', is used by rock climbers to dry their hands to increase the coefficient of friction, thereby improving the grip of the holds. Climbing chalk may decrease the friction of skin on rock and most climbers feel that this white dust does indeed help dry their hands and fingers and allow them to grip the rock surface more effectively. Use chalk sparingly when you dip your hand in your chalk bag; too much chalk lessens your ability to feel and grip the rock surface. You don’t need to coat your hand with chalk and dry it completely. It may seem counter-intuitive but your fingers also need some moisture to be able to effectively grip handholds. If your hands are too dry then your fingers can slip off holds.

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