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Water filters

Fresh and clean water is important during daily activities, trips and hikes, for that reason Gandrs offers water filters for mechanical and chemical water purifcation from bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. Available compact and easy using water filters in various sizes which are created for different water volume purification. Here you will find not only water filters, but also water disinfectants  tablets and powders.

In our shops you will find water filters and disinfectants from manufacturer Katadyn, which is regarded as one of the leading water filter manufacturers in the world. Katadyn is in Switzerland based market leader which offers easy transportable water treatment systems, allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean water during all types of activities. Using these water filters, even in the most remote places of the world you will not have to worry about the quality of drinking water. Very convenient and comfortable are Katadyn water filter bags with filter which, thanks to the newly created Ultra Flow filter, is able to filter out about 2L of water per minute. It cleans the water from bacteria, cysts and sediment, and easy cleaning filter protector extends the life of the filter, thus allowing to clean up to 1500 liters of water (depending on water quality). Also markable is Katadyn Mini filter, which is the lightest and most compact water filter in the world. It is so small that fits in a pocket or a belt bag.These filters will be suitable for tourism trips and hikes, further travels and expeditions. One characteristic that all Katadyn products have in common, is their high Swiss quality standards, reliability and easy use of the products. For this reason, many international aid organizations and military units rely on Katadyn products that are made to save the resources.

To provide you with clean and fresh drinking water in every situation, Gandrs offers you various water filters and disinfectants, making yor tourism adventures easier.