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Swimming accessories

If you are passionate about swimming or simply love to be in water, we can offer you everything you might need for activities in a swimming pool or open waters. Swimwear – suits and trunks, swim goggles, swim caps, and slippers – just choose the best for yourself and your family! In our wide range of products you will find swimming caps designed especially for children, kids’ slippers and kids’ swimwear. For adult needs we offer swimming trunks for men, one-piece swimsuits for women as well as caps and slippers for both. Additionally, such accessories as ear plugs and spare water goggle straps can become handy. Start your swimming season together with active leisure stores "Gandrs"!

Such world renowned manufacturers as Speedo, Aqua-Speed and Fashy offer high quality swimming accessories both for those who compete and for casual swimmers. These brands provide everything for a great time spent in water. Suitable swimming accessories will help you swim quicker, achieve more, feel better and enjoy every meter you've swum. "Gandrs" offers everything for family fun by the pool for young swimmers and for more experienced ones, who tries to reach the best result. Be active, healthy and enjoy your water activities!