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Cycling helmets

A helmet is a like armor for your head – every cyclist should wear one. These helmets are made of lightweight materials, but in the event of a fall will still be able to protect your head from heavy damage or even death. The price of the helmet is not a projection of its quality – all of them will offer a similar amount of protection. The basic differences may be found in the number of ventilation holes, or the comfortable fit while wearing or adjusting it to your head. Riding along the highway, the busy streets of the city or even a countryside path, the cyclist is not protected from their own mistakes or the inattentiveness of drivers of cars. It is better to fall and let the helmet take the scratches instead of your own head. Additionally, we want to note that according to the law, a helmet is an obligatory accessory for children until the age of 12, whereas in races participants without helmets are not allowed on the start line.

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