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Touring bikes

Merida touring bikes are fast and elegant. These bicycles are suitable for different road surfaces, traveling and leisure. Equipping these handsome bikes with baggage carriers and bags, you will be able to safely travel around your native land or even explore beyond the horizon, gaining unforgettable experiences and new impressions.

Touring bicycles include a lot of positive qualities, from which we should single out the lightweight aluminum frame construction. Thanks to the frame design, these bikes not only look elegant, but also provide a sure steering and safe braking experience on different types of surfaces. Women's bikes are available with a special frame curvature that will make getting on the bike and cycling easier and more enjoyable. Large 28" wheels and easy-running tires will ensure better and more comfortable acceleration and the efficient combination of sports and recreation. Another highlight is the comfortable and stable seating position of the Merida touring bike that won't let you droop during long distance rides and will provide an opportunity to enjoy every kilometer you cycle.

To have your tourism trip run smoothly, "Gandrs" offers to equip your bike with various extras, for example, a support leg, baggage carriers, mudguards, bags – everything you need for an excellent cycling trip. Merida touring bikes can offer you both speed and comfort, giving you unforgettable pleasure. If you want to spend your free time actively without worrying about the surface limitations, the Merida touring bike will justify your expectations because it includes mountain and road cycling features. This bike won't rule over you, limiting the choice of the driving surface. It will allow you to enjoy different types of road surfaces and ability to cope in all kinds of circumstances. To make the right choice, we advise you to evaluate conditions in which your bike will be used the most. However, if you're an enthusiast of rougher experiences and extreme speed, we recommend to see our ranges of mountain (MTB) and road bikes.

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