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Fitness bikes

Fitness bikes are specially designed for traveling on roads with a smooth and hard surface. The bike is fast, but at the same time maintains comfort throughout the journey. Merida Speeder bikes will be useful for getting around in city and nearby areas. These bikes have nearly as great acceleration as road bicycles, but they are equipped with greater driving comfort, slightly increasing the weight of the bike. At the same time the Speeder bike provides greater comfort and better transparency, which is possible thanks to its linear steering and geometry adapted for everyday use.

It doesn't matter if the bicycle has a heart of ultra-light carbon fiber or is built of lightweight and robust aluminum: anyone who says the word “Speeder” is thinking of fun paired with speed and practicality that is higher than that of usual road bikes. Merida Speeder craves speed – it is revealed not only in the name of the bike series, but also the characteristics of its technological construction. The geometric structure of the Speeder provides a convenient and efficient driver's seating position, but the total weight, reduced to the maximum, strives for acceleration. All Merida Speeder bike models are equipped with a double or triple chain ring system at the front and lightweight tires with low rolling resistance, which will smoothly allow you to achieve the desired speed.

To choose the right bicycle for yourself, we suggest you evaluate the potential areas of its use. Those who own a Speeder know better than any other how to make their everyday life extremely sporty.

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