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Belts & suspenders

Nowadays, suspenders and belts not only have a functional role, but also serve as fun accessories that make your appearance different, brighter and more interesting. We offer stylish and colorful suspenders and belts – just choose the most suitable for your wishes and give your style an accent!

Suspenders, as it is known, have been used for a long time – they first came into use about two centuries ago, but their popularity has grown gradually. Today suspenders are used all around the world and although their primary task is to prevent the pants from slipping down, today this purpose has changed. Due to the quite rapid shift in the role of fashion as a priority, suspenders have become an interesting type of accessory that often plays a significant part in the development of a person's style. That's why we at "Gandrs" have made sure to offer suspenders of various designs, tailored to your needs and desires. For the wide range of color and pattern options we can thank the manufacturer Tobby.

"Gandrs" range of belts stand out with carefully selected materials, their durability and quality, offered by the Swedish brand Fjallraven. These belts are made using genuine leather, tinted with natural vegetable dyes and complemented with metal buckles, creating stylish leather belts that combines the beautiful with the practical. Like suspenders, belts have also become an important accessory to both keep your pants in their place and also serve as an accentuating feature.

Belts and suspenders are a great solution for refreshing your wardrobe. These quality items will serve for a long time, so we invite you to find the most suitable accessories from manufacturers Tobby, Fjallraven, Singing Rock and Petzl, providing you with the combination of high quality and reasonable prices and thus allowing you to enjoy comfort for many seasons.

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