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Ice axes

The latest developments in technology and design allow us to offer high quality tools for various disciplines from glacier travel to pushing the limits of modern ice and mixed climbing. A lot has changed since the first axes where invented in the European Alps during the early 1800s. Before the invention of crampons at the turn of the 19th century an axe's primary job was chopping out steps – thus the reason for the seemingly ridiculous length of axes of the day. Chopping steps is now rarely done, but is sometimes still a useful function of an axe. Modern axes have a broader range of functionality and the types of their users, from early season backpacking and adventure racing to steep alpine ice routes where an axe might be paired with an ice tool.

The first thing you should consider when purchasing an ice axe is the type of climbing or mountaineering you want to do. Are you a backpacker who just wants gear for early season hikes or are you someone who is into or aspiring for glacier-mountaineering routes? Are you an alpine rock climber who needs a product to assist during snowy or glaciated approaches or are you a climber who is into steeper and more complex mountaineering routes? Consider all your wishes and find the most suitable ice axe in "Gandrs" wide range.

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