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Sleeping bags

At the moment shop Gandrs offers Millet, Lafuma, Fjallraven and Vaude sleeping bags. To facilitate your choice, sleeping bags can be selected by characteristics such as comfort temperature and isolation – feather or synthetic. Great advantage of sleeping bags is that two sleeping bags can be connected if their zippers are placed on different places – left and right. For greater traveling comfort there are also available light and warm sheets for sleeping bags.

Gandrs offers you production of global producers that have proven themselves for several years. Twenty nine years after founding, Millet knowledge and experience was used to prepare the first French expedition to the Himalayas as brothers Millets developed and supplied equipment, which became one of the most important factors for the expedition to the Himalayas to be successful. Today Millet also offers high quality sleeping bags with innovative insulation which is performed by connecting synthetic and feather components. Shortly after founding Millet, also Lafuma appeared in the global market and began to fully develop the necessary hiking equipment and wide range of accessories, including sleeping bags. Lafuma sleeping bags are ideal for the summer season, they are light and compact, and offers variety of models for different tastes.

Fjallraven sleeping bags over time have been tested in numerous expeditions and hikes in forests, mountains and along waters, therefore, using the gained knowledge, Fjallraven produces sleeping bags for warm weather and harsh conditions.

Pinguin sleeping bags are designed for use in the widest range of temperatures. The manufacturer offers a different length and width sleeping bag models for summer, winter and three-season weather. Pinguin sleeping bags are also available with extra insulation.

Vaude sleeping bags are designed for use in more extreme environmental conditions, so their performance is more technical due to their potential use in harsh weather. These sleeping bags have the Green Shape sign, which is producer's guarantee that products are made from sustainable materials, observing conservation of resources and honest producing.