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Currently "Gandrs" offers sleeping bags of different thicknesses and purposes by manufacturers Millet, Lafuma, Fjallraven and Vaude. To ease the decision-making process, sleeping bags can be selected by their characteristics, such as comfort temperature and type of insulation – down feather or synthetic. A great advantage of most models of our sleeping bags is that two sleeping bags can be combined into one huge cocoon as their zippers are placed on opposite edges – left and right. For additional comfort while traveling we also sell warm lightweight inserts – sheets for sleeping bags.

"Gandrs" sells products of global brands that have proven themselves over many years. Twenty-nine years after founding, Millet knowledge and experience was used to prepare the first French expedition to the Himalayas as the Millet brothers developed equipment that became one of the most important elements of the expedition' success. Today, amidst its already extensive range of technical equipment, Millet also offers high quality sleeping bags with innovative insulation, created by combining synthetic and natural (down feather) components. Shortly after founding Millet another French brand Lafuma appeared in the global market and began working on the development of hiking equipment and a wide selection of accessories, including sleeping bags. Lafuma sleeping bags are ideal for the summer season as they are light and compact, and offer variety of models for different tastes, as well as women- and children-specific designs.

Sleeping bags by Fjallraven have withstood the tests of time in numerous expeditions and hikes in forests, mountains and along waters, therefore, using the knowledge gained from field experiments, Fjallraven now produces excellent sleeping bags both for warm weather and harsh conditions.
The Czech manufacturer Pinguin designs sleeping bags for use in the widest amplitude of temperatures. The brand offers sleeping bag models of different length and width for summer, winter and three-season weather. Specific models of Pinguin sleeping bags are also available with extra insulation.

Last but not least, German Vaude creates sleeping bags fit for use in extreme environmental conditions, so their performance is accordingly more technical due to their potential use in harsh weather. These sleeping bags have been granted the Green Shape sign, which is the manufacturer's guarantee that only sustainable materials have been used in creating the product, thus assuring the customer that policies of the conservation of resources and honest producing have been closely followed.

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Add to cart Sleeping bag Expert CCS 195 Free delivery to Latvia Pinguin Sleeping bag Expert CCS 195 170.00 € For winter lovers. But we developed the Expert not only for you. It's a synthetic winter sleeping bag designed for very cold weather, so it won't let you down whether you're tackling high mountain massifs or you decide to run away from civilization in January. Knowing that the feet are the first to start to get cold, we adapted... Add to cart Sleeping bag Active 10 W Lafuma Sleeping bag Active 10 W 69.90 € Hikers and lovers of summer nights under the stars are over the moon with the new 100% recycled eco-friendly insulation from the ACTIVE 10° W sleeping bag. Adapted to the female morphology, it has an updated branding this season. Designed for sleeping in tents from spring to autumn, as well as in poorly heated huts in winter... Add to cart Sleeping bag Spark Sp0 Long Free delivery to Latvia Sea To Summit Sleeping bag Spark Sp0 Long 259.90 € The Spark Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag - ultralight down-filled liner. Each model uses premium materials and no-frills design to provide cutting-edge performance. Ultralight does not mean ultra-tight: The Spark mummy sleeping bags are snug but still have adequate wiggle room for the performance-oriented, backcountry user. ULTRA-DRY... Add to cart Sleeping bag Tramp PFM 195 Pinguin Sleeping bag Tramp PFM 195 From 70.00 € up to 74.00 € When it cools down in summer. Exactly for such cases, we offer Tramp. It is light, compact and, above all, reliable and with its five levels of thermal comfort, it is ideally suited for crossings of lower mountains, camps or, for example, caravanning. Ultra-thin fiber thermal insulation and a drawstring shoulder collar will... Add to cart Sleeping bag liner Micro Fiber Envelope TravelSafe Sleeping bag liner Micro Fiber Envelope 16.90 € These ultra thin, lightweight and compact sleeping bag inlets can be used inside a sleepingbag for extra isolation and are ideal to use seperate from a sleepingbag during a hot summernight. Add to cart Sleeping bag Sioux 400 SYN Vaude Sleeping bag Sioux 400 SYN 95.00 € Warm synthetic sleeping bag + 2-season (for late spring to early autumn) + pleasantly warm + body contoured mummy shape + eco-friendly and fair manufacturing Warmth whenever and wherever you need it! This breathable and easy-care 3-season synthetic fill mummy sleeping bag is also environmentally sustainable, made with... Add to cart Sleeping bag Trilogy Ultimate Free delivery to Latvia Millet Sleeping bag Trilogy Ultimate 629.93 € 899.90 € For thermal supremacy at base camp on the most demanding expeditions, this mountaineer's sleeping bag is filled with no less than 1300g of gray goose down, ensuring a comfort-level temperature among t he lowest on the market. For nights in extreme conditions and sub-zero temperatures near the two poles, it delivers unmatched... Add to cart Sleeping bag liner Cotton Envelope TravelSafe Sleeping bag liner Cotton Envelope 17.50 € These ultra thin, lightweight and compact 100% cotton sleepingbag inlets can be used inside a sleepingbag for extra isolation and are ideal to use seperate from a sleepingbag during a hot summernight. Add to cart Sleeping bag /guļammaisa pārvalks Bivy Bag Millet Sleeping bag /guļammaisa pārvalks Bivy Bag 99.90 € This bag’s exclusive-to-MILLET material, of proven+AJ163 protective efficiency, is the same as that used on our mountaineering jackets. Developed with waterproof and breathable Dryedge fabric, this durably-built over bag has a mummy shape and a footbox vent.