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  1. Climbing gear
  2. Crampons


Crampons are a necessity to safely travel on snow and ice. This is the way how you can cross glaciers, ascend snow slopes, climb frozen waterfalls and scale ice-smeared rocks. Thanks to modern designs and manufacturing techniques, crampons today have become lighter and fit better.

Models of crampons are becoming more specialized, created for specific activities. Super-lightweight traction devices are made for everyday winter walks. More traditional crampons handle snow and glacier travel, technical hiking (when you bring along an ice axe) and mountaineering, whereas crampons designed for frozen waterfalls or mixed ice/rock routes are now extremely technical.

Boot and crampon compatibility is essential for performance and safety. Your boot type ultimately tells you what options you have in binding systems. For example, ultralight strap-on crampons will work on ultralight hiking boots, but they are not suitable for mountaineering or ice climbing. A crampon strapped to a boot with a flexible sole will not fit as securely as on a rigid sole.

Be sure your crampons are dry before storing. If you are storing them for the season, coat them with a thin layer of oil or a water-displacement spray. In this section you will find crampon accessories, technical crampons and classic crampons, crampons with or without chamfer, as well as crampons with rear chamfer from manufacturer Petzl – get ready to cross glaciers, snow slopes and rocks!

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