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Add to cart Raincoat Kids Grody Poncho Vaude Raincoat Kids Grody Poncho 40.00 € Rain Poncho for biking + waterproof and wind repellent + eco-friendly manufacturing Hocus pocus - and you and your school bag disappear! This practical rain poncho with a brimmed hood and a storage pocket are made from environmentally friendly bluesign® certified primary material, keeping you warm and dry. Bold colors and... Add to cart Raincoat Valdipino Poncho Vaude Raincoat Valdipino Poncho 42.00 € You'll be singing in the rain with this lightweight bike rain poncho made from environmentally-friendly bluesign® certified primary material – it can be put on in a flash for instantaneous rain protection. Packs down completely into an integrated pocket, so you can always take it with you. Add to cart Raincoat Bunny Kids Raincoat Bunny Kids 8.00 € Lightweight raincoat for kids. Size: 85 x 95 cm Add to cart Raincoat Poncho With Zipper Extension TravelSafe Raincoat Poncho With Zipper Extension 43.00 € Poncho especially for backpackers. Made of 100% polyester with waterproof taped seams. The poncho is made with an extension part especially to cover your backpack, but you can also wear it without backpack. Weight: 350 g Fabric: Polyester Item number: TS2036 Add to cart Raincoat Poncho Basic TravelSafe Raincoat Poncho Basic 33.90 € Weather can change in a second, the TravelSafe basic poncho is essential for everybody. Easy to use and comfortable to wear. Even a small daypack can fit easily under this poncho. Made of 100% polyester with waterproof taped seams, incl. Stuff Sack. Add to cart Raincoat Rain Coat TravelSafe Raincoat Rain Coat 1.40 € A handy and compact raincoat with hood, easy to store and carry with you. Add to cart Raincoat Rainponcho Basic Active Leisure Raincoat Rainponcho Basic 29.90 €


During rainy days many of us love to hide under an umbrella, but what if there is no free hand to hold it? Raincoat is one of the multi-purpose clothing, which will save from the rain in a wide range of situations. While cycling, boating, hiking on the trail or during daily activities  when there are no signs of rain, wonderful savior of unexpected raining will be your raincoat, which is compact and easily compatible in any type of bag. Raincoats advantage is not only the ability to retain water, but also wind impermeability, which is an essential factor in maintaining wellness.

Nowadays raincoat has become popular also between children and youngsters, because they do not restrict movement and takes up much less space than umbrellas. A large part of parents for their children choose exactly raincoat, because, for example, in windy weather, umbrella use for children becomes quite cumbersome. Our shops can offer you with unisex raincoats and specially designed raincoats for children, which are provided by such manufacturers as Martes and Travelsafe. Raincoats are made from EVA material and polyester, as well as PEVA.

All raincoats have specially designed seams, which ensures complete water and wind impermeability. There are many factors, which make raincoats easy usable. One of them is choice of materials, which won’t let through moisture and wind gusts, but at the same time will also provide air exchange, thus excluding the possibility of sweating. As we all already well know, high-quality raincoat is not only a water and windproof but also breathable. Regardless is it cold and rainy autumn day or a summer rain, Gandrs provides  comfortable and stylish raincoats that will suit your needs.