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Bags & Wallets

For an easy and convenient everyday and leisure item storage, among "Gandrs" range of outdoor equipment you can find water-resistant bags and wallets in different shapes and sizes, including waterproof mobile phone cases, toiletry bags, as well as bags for digital cameras, which will protect your beautiful travel memories. We store colorful bags with lots of pockets, including a padded slot for your laptop. If you are an active traveler, who likes to keep the most important and necessary belongings close, "Gandrs" offers waist bags (fanny packs) to always keep these significant items close to you. To make your choice easier, we offer bag selection by type ̶ you will find transport bags, waist bags, camera bags, as well as shoulder and computer bags offered by such international manufacturers as Ortlieb, Aquapack, Vaude, Lafuma, Fjallraven, Pinguin.

In "Gandrs" wide assortment of bags you will find ones for traveling as well as daily use. For casual days in the city we recommend choosing one of our shoulder bags, which are available in a variety of designs, but for traveling select a transport bag, characterized by large capacity and lightness at the same time. All bags and wallets are made from durable and water-resistant high quality materials, thus guaranteeing that these products will be useful for many seasons without worrying about visible wear marks.

To select the most suitable bag, just like any other travel equipment, it is essential to consider all the conditions in which the bag will be used. It is definitely worth it to carefully estimate how roomy a bag you actually need, what kind of things it will carry, and if it will fit the intended purpose ̶ a longer journey of several days, a hike over the weekend or daily walks and small trips.

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