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Kids' bikes

First steps in the world of cycling are always the most important, that's why shop Gandrs offers you a wide range of children's bicycles. Merida produces children and youth bicycles which are designed for your small offspring from 2 years up to 12 years age. Bikes for each age group are specially made and adapted, so the small cyclists can feel safe and enjoy exciting moments. Merida bicycles are durable and equiped with high quality component parts that will provide a healthy pleasure for your child, but for you – carefree joy of small sportsman.

Merida engineers, during the development process of children and teenager bicycles, accurately follow the small cyclist expectations, offering simple, but modern and good looking bikes for those who have just recently started to feel the magic of cycling. In shop Gandrs you will find kids' bicycles with different wheel and frame sizes and specially adapted handlebars. It is important to mention bike attractive choice of colors, because the visual aspect usually is determined factor for children's choice. For small activist needs who are only learning how to ride a bicycle, shop Gandrs offers kids' bicycles with training wheels which will ease balancing and will create additional safety during the time of movement.

Merida kids' bicycles are equipped with a wide wheelbase and long frame upper-structure which provides a low seating position – thus, reducing the height of gravity center and contributing child's safety and comfort. Selection of bicycle for your small offspring is an important decision which must be assessed not only by the visual aspect, but also by it's comfort and safety.