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Climbing slings and lanyards

Find various types of slings and lanyards to build a belay or improvise a chest harness in sports and active leisure stores "Gandrs".

Most often, slings will be employed to make use of rock edges or trees to protect the climber. Slings can be placed over rock spikes, used to thread holes or go around chockstones or trees. On most routes you may want to carry at least a couple of slings, often more, to make use of these features of the terrain. Slings become even more useful for winter mountaineering, when rock features can often be the most reliable protection available – longer slings to go around blocks or small pinnacles can be very handy.

Most of the time, the climber will use the rope to connect themselves to belays. Sometimes though, you'll want to have the rope free and use something else, like a lanyard, to connect you. A good example is when abseiling down multiple pitches – you'll need to clip into a belay as you pull the ropes down. A sling can be used, with suitable care, to do this.

Whether made of polyamide or dyneema, textile slings are an essential part of the climbing equipment. Singing Rock, Petzl, Edelrid, Kong, Beal, Tendon, Millet and Black Diamond slings are suitable for protection, creating an anchor, or as an aid sling for rope ascent.

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