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Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing (sometimes called classic skiing) encompasses several styles, from touring or racing on groomed ski tracks to gliding through deep backcountry snow. Your heel is always “free” (not connected to the ski) and you move yourself by striding forward (as opposed to skate skiing, where you stride side-to-side in a skating motion.) Learn what gear you need to cross-country ski comfortably and efficiently.

Finding comfortable boots is key to your enjoyment on the slopes. Blisters on your heels or snow in your boots can quickly end a great day. It's important to choose boots that match the type of skiing you're doing. Also, you might think that once you’ve seen one cross-country ski pole, you’ve seen them all. But, there are differences to look for depending on the type of skiing you plan to do. Performance differences between bindings are subtle so let your choice in boots guide what type of bindings you purchase. Boots have different types of soles on them, making them only compatible with specific bindings.

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