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Socks an extremely important element in order to feel comfortable during activities. We have taken care of everything to let you choose the best for your activities and weather conditions. Snowboard and ski socks, hiking and adventure sports socks, extreme expedition and mountaineering socks, as well as jogging, cycling and hunter/angler socks. Socks are designed for each activity, using unique and innovative technologies and providing optimal comfort to your feet.

In producing process is used CoolMax technology which provides moisture absorption, as well as it has unpleasant odor-prevention and anti-bacterial properties. Used also Oxy Jet (oxygen+regeneration+energy) technology that helps blood and lymph to flow more easily, reducing the biological risk of injury. Socks are made in special structures that will ensure proper temperature control, in various parts of the foot they have embedded support strips.

Special care to your feet are provided by manufacturers Lafuma, Millet, Mico, F-Lite, Bakoda etc., which offer you high quality material combination socks, providing the highest comfort during activities. As the natural weather conditions tend to be different, we offer winter season socks, as well as socks for summer weather conditions. Kid socks, men and women socks, as well as unisex socks here you will find everything to keep feet warm for whole family. Thinking about your comfort, in Gandrs shops available short and long socks, which will be an invaluable part of various outdoor activities. Do not estimate sock selection too low, because there are nothing worse than shivering or bruised feet which certainly will not let you fully enjoy scheduled.