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  1. Winter sports
  2. Maintenance & Care

Maintenance & Care

Could you ever imagine enjoying winter activities without properly fostered and cared equipment? If you have decided to take care of winter inventory by yourself, Gandrs is the best place where to choose everything for maintenance and care. Various files for sharpening the edges, ski holders, as well as irons to work wax into the sliding surface, ski and snowboard care products, waxes, wax removers, pastes etc. Here in a wide range you will find also winter equipment spare parts, tools for winter equipment and various types of care products that will improve gliding and grip.

If you have decided to upgrade your ski or snowboard bindings, you will need such useful spare parts as screws, links and fixation parts. For keeping equipment's appearance and performance quality we provide our clients with scrapers, brushes, irons, files, corks, sponges and screwdrivers from such manufacturers as Star Ski Wax, Rex Wax, Baskoda etc. On Gandrs shelves find also wax removers, base waxes, waxes with fluor, waxes without fluor, meltable, sprayable and smearable waxes - everything for keeping your equipment in the best condition. Get ready for the next winter properly, because snow is not too far anymore!