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Goggles & visors

Ski goggles are an essential piece of ski and snowboard equipment. Goggles protect your eyes by creating a seamless wrap across your face to protect your eyes and face from the sun, wind and snow. No one wants to come home from a day in the mountains with sun spots, wind burns or frostbite. Whether sitting on a chairlift or charging the backcountry, the surrounding snow reflects the sun’s rays harshly, meaning your eyes and face need additional protection. Aside from protecting you from the elements, in a way goggles are also your face or image while skiing, so it may also be important for you to select ski goggles that will give you a sense of style.

Make sure to purchase goggles that fit your face. The fit should be snug (not tight) and comfortable. Some models are best suited for smaller or larger faces. Men's goggles come in a variety of frame shapes, sizes and styles. Goggles designed specifically for women have a narrower and smaller frame for a better fit for a smaller female face. Kids' goggles also are created for smaller faces and are usually equipped with simpler lenses to improve their durability. Additionally, we offer some OTG frame goggle options, which have a deeper, taller and wider frame to accommodate skiers who choose to wear their prescription glasses underneath the goggles.

What is more, there are different options to accommodate the light conditions you plan on skiing in as well as the lenses that best suit how you want to see the mountain (for example, ones that may bring out icy patches in the track so you know to avoid them). Take some time to consider the circumstances of your planned mountain sports trip and visit our stores to choose your new pair of goggles.

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