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Fleece jackets

Warm and functional fleece jackets will be suitable for wearing during wide range of outdoor activities. In Gandrs shops available hiking and trekking fleece jackets, jogging fleece jackets, as well as fleece jackets for mountaineering and other outdoor activities. These jackets are made of specially selected materials that will provide high-quality temperature control, not allowing your body to overheat. Moisture transmission technology will ensure comfortable movement during activities.

Such manufacturers as Millet, Fjallraven, Lafuma, Mico, Le Chameau and many more have taken care of your comfort and warmth all year long, that will allow you to freely enjoy the choosen activities closer to nature without worrying about adverse weather effects. Sweaters are made of flexible and wear-resistant materials, sparing you worry about purchasing clothes for several seasons. Their claims against the clothing at our shops will be able to to satisfy both genders, because here you will find women and men sweaters and fleece jackets, as well as heating and comfortable sweaters and fleece jackets for children, which will protect from the winter coolness, keeping measured temperature, as well as regulating and preventing body from overheating.

Choice of manufacturers, material and designes is very wide. Available all season and winter sweaters and fleece jackets of which specially remarkable is pullover with a hood which can be converted into a collar, thus making your neck more protected from the wind. To guard against harsh weather, the sweater is an integral part, which will not only warm you, but thanks to high-quality materials, will provide pleasant sensations during activities.