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  1. Outdoor equipment
  2. Electrics


When in nature or doing sports activities, it is important to find the right path, make sure of your location, or see the distance, weather conditions and the amount of kilocalories burned. In "Gandrs" electrics section you will find sports watches and GPS navigation devices that are able to navigate a wide variety of areas without error, whereas the different types of chargers (external batteries) will keep your electronic devices charged and ready to operate.

A watch serves not only as a neat accessory or device that displays the exact time, but it is also a reliable ally in a wide variety of outdoor adventures and activities. Here you will find professional sports and fitness watches that will help you follow your heart rate, calory expenditure, distance and overall progress of the workout, as well as reliable watches for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains. These watches will help not to deviate from the route, showing weather conditions, height etc.

As expeditions and trips are often organized in areas with no electricity, you should make sure to stock up on batteries and charging systems during the time of your travel. Most often, electrical devices can be charged with the help of an electrical outlet, but only some of them can be charged while traveling — from sunlight. Choose the most suitable battery, go on an expedition and continue using your smartphone, GPS system and music player.