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  1. Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Online shop "Gandrs" terms and conditions

These terms apply to all purchases via online shop, phone, fax or e-mail. Before ordering, read this document carefully. These terms are subject to change at any time.

Customer rights and responsibilities

  • The customer is responsible for all activities made from his user account, including account security and any information submitted to "Gandrs". 
  • Customers are not allowed to share their private account data (login/password) with any 3rd parties.
  • It is prohibited to carry out any actions against system's safety. In case of any law breaking, "Gandrs IT" Ltd. reserves the right to stop provision of services unilaterally without prior warning and explanation.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the order at any stage, includind 30 days period after the order is received. For more information read the Rights of cancelation.
  • The user has the right to choose the most convenient way of payment. For more information visit section Payment methods.

Customer complaints about products and provided services are handled according to Consumer Rights Protection Law.

By placing an order, the user agrees that the processing of the submitted data is performed by "Gandrs IT" Ltd., Kapselu Street 7B, Riga, LV-1046 in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

"Gandrs IT" Ltd. rights and responsibilities

"Gandrs IT" Ltd. undertakes to ensure the receipt of the goods in due time and in accordance with the description of the products and services. In accordance with Article 52 of European Parliament and Council Directive 2011/83/ES "In the context of sales contracts, the delivery of goods can take place in various ways, either immediately or at a later date. If the parties have not agreed on a specific delivery date, the trader should deliver the goods as soon as possible, but in any event not later than 30 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract [...]".

For more information visit section Shipping terms.

In case of any questions contact us – Contacts.

By using the "Gandrs IT" Ltd. online shop, you confirm that these rules are understandable and you are committed to follow them.

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