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"Gandrs" offers mats and mattresses that are easy to take with you on shorter or longer hikes. They will provide thermal insulation, thus creating more pleasant and warmer conditions for a good night's sleep in the open air. Tourism mats are light and convenient, but if you wish to experience the comfort of sleeping at home even while camping outdoors, we recommend considering the option of buying a mattress. Mattresses are relatively compact and come in various thicknesses and sizes. When choosing a mattress, we recommend noting that self-inflating mattresses will be suitable for colder weather conditions as they are filled with a special type of foam (TPU). It is possible to purchase mattresses and tourism mats by Pinguin, Lafuma, Vaude, Uniplast and Eurotrail.

Uniplast tourism mats will surprise you with affordable prices, these mats are very light, compact and available in different sizes. If you are a real comfort lover, a mattress from Eurotrail inflatable mattress range will be a more suitable choice. Sea To Summit offers self-inflating mattresses fit for hiking and trekking expeditions, as well as other outdoor activities; they are also lightweight and provide warm and comfortable sleeping.

Pinguin offers the latest generation of inflatable and self-inflating mats. Thanks to their functionality and convenient sizes, they are suitable for all kinds of activities: from hiking to boat trips and weekend sleepovers by the sea. Pinguin offers mattresses of various thicknesses, allowing you to choose the best for your needs. Also available are self-inflating mattresses for two people, as well as an inflatable mattress with an integrated pump, which will ease the inflating process. 

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