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To ensure that your view of the world is always clear and to avoid the need to squint from the sun and shiny snow, "Gandrs" offers high quality eyewear for water sports, mountaineering, biking and running, as well as daily use, provided by such manufacturers as Julbo, Rudy Project, Alpina Sports, Merida, Eassun. In our wide range of eyewear you will find sunglasses both for children and adults. Also available are adaptable sunglasses for those who also require optical glasses.

The leading manufacturer of sunglasses Julbo combines the latest technologies and scientific developments to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, dazzling snow and sparkling water surfaces. Today more than 125 years of experience in eyewear production allows this company to create glasses in cooperation with world-class athletes, professionals of various activities as well as sports enthusiasts. With its special lens manufacturing technology Julbo guarantees stunning optical quality that will ensure seeing the beauty of nature from a new and very different perspective.

To help you make your choice in an easier way, we offer to select glasses by their application, such as mountaineering and hiking sunglasses, sports and biking sunglasses, casual eyewear, as well as sunglasses for kids and juniors. Aiming to make your everyday life more colorful, we offer you sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, as well as variable shading. Thanks to advanced technologies, today the lenses are more guarded from defects that will ensure the practical use of eyewear for several seasons. When choosing sunglasses, take into account their suitability for your individual needs to ensure the highest performance level. "Gandrs" range of sunglasses is varied enough to include everyday sunglasses and eyewear of specific applications that will fit different kinds of customer requirements. Our eyewear selection will not disappoint you!

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