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Tourism accessories

Tourism accessories are often treated as a trifle, but they are actually essential elements of a successful trip. For example, the compact warming blanket will save you from cold nights, a towel which quickly absorbs moisture and dries in a short time is irreplaceable, and, of course, a tourism bottle will be great to always keep your drink within reach. Special keys, locks and chains will help ensure the safety of your luggage. Additionally, we cannot imagine traveling without various hygiene kits that will allow you to feel fresh and clean throughout your adventure: "Gandrs" offers various disinfectants, oral hygiene kits, towels and napkins. You may also find strings for drying clothes, clothing racks and toothbrush caps useful.

An integral part of the trip is also a first aid kit. In our stores you will find first aid kits of various types and content, as well as survival blankets, compresses, tweezers, bands, tools to remove ticks, band-aids and bandages. In case of a technical emergency you will definitely need repair supplies, such as buckles, correction tape, cord connectors, straps and zipper sliders.

To free you from fear of insects, "Gandrs" also offers a variety of protection liquids, which will be particularly useful in the warm days when all of nature is awake. With the first spring sunlight mosquitoes seem to be everywhere; for this reason we suggest to use an insect repellent regardless of the type of activity – working in the garden, boating, during sports activities, on a hiking or fishing trip. Available also are mosquito nets, accessories for their installation, as well as products to treat insect bites, sunscreens, after-sun lotions and sprays for insect deterrence.