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Tourism accessories

Tourism accessories are treated as a trifle, but actually they are essential. For example, the compact warmth-blanket, to be safe from cold nights, as well as towel, which quickly absorbs humid and gets dry in a short time and, of course, tourism bottles for your drinks. For travel safety will also be useful special keys, locks and chains. Your travel is unimaginable without various hygiene kits that will allow you feel fresh and clean all-round adventure. Gandrs offers various disinfectants, mouth hygiene kits, towels, napkins, etc. Also useful can be strings for drying clothes, racks and toothbrush caps.

An integral part of the trip is also a first aid kit. Here you will find various type and supply first aid kits, survival blankets, compresses, tweezers, bonds, tools for tick removing, plasters and bandages. If some technical problems happen during your trip, you will definitely need repair supplies, such as buckles, correction tape, cord connectors, straps and zipper sliders.

To free you from fear of insects, Gandrs also offers variety of protection liquids, which will be particularly useful in the warm days, when nature has waken up. With the first spring sunlight also mosquitos are appearing, for that reason, insect repellent is necessary, regardless of the type of activity working in the garden, in boat trips, sports activities, hiking or fishing. Available also mosquito nets, installation accessories, as well as insect bite treatment products, after-sun lotions and sprays for insect deterrence.