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Vacuum flasks

To enjoy hot meals outdoor, "Gandrs" offers various types of vacuum flasks (thermoses) from manufacturers Esbit, Pinguin and Primus. Here you will find attractive and colorful vacuum flasks for kids and thermoses of bigger capacities for adults. We sell vacuum flasks both for beverages and food, which will keep your meals hot for a long time.

Esbit has created high quality food flasks with double walls and vacuum isolation technology. The lid is made from durable stainless steel and can also be used as a bowl. Thanks to the vacuum flask's wide neck, it is easy to not only eat from it, but also to refill it with food; even more – it also makes the cleaning easier. Primus vacuum flasks for food are convenient and allow you to fully enjoy your meal. Their large capacity makes them ideal for longer trips. In a 1,5L vacuum flask your beverage or food will be kept hot or cool for several hours. Once you will get acquainted with its charming features, the Primus food thermos will no doubt become an integral part of your leisure activities.

"Gandrs" offers vacuum flasks for drinks, available in various sizes – here you will find containers with a capacity from 0,35L up to 2,5L. Esbit has created attractive flasks designed especially for children, while Primus offers flasks in various colors. All available vacuum flasks are very practical – their lids can be used as cups and bowls thus letting you enjoy your beverages and meals in comfort. They are made from stainless steel and feature the double wall technology, providing you with hot or cold drinks and food for many hours.

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