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If we compare hiking boots and shoes, hiking shoes are lighter and more flexible, but they offer less support. If you are going to be sticking to well-defined trails and shorter hikes, not carrying a lot of weight and if you are a seasoned hiker carrying some weight and/or going farther on rugged trails. Sports and active leisure shop Gandrs offers shoes that are generally composed of textile with leather, suede, or synthetic reinforcements that provide a support structure and add abrasion-resistance. You will notice that some look a lot like trail running shoes, while others look like (or actually are) simply low-cut versions of more traditional hiking boots. The former tend to be lighter and more flexible, which allows you to move quickly. Also important is what kind of weather you will be using the shoes in. If your use will be mostly in the summer, or primarily in dry, warm weather, a well-ventilated, lightweight shoe with a lot of mesh in the upper will allow your foot to breathe best.

Also available waterproof hiking shoes – they’re going to be more forgiving of rainy days and snowy or muddy conditions. These hiking shoes and boots have a PU membrane and the lining that keeps out moisture but still allows water vapor you generate to escape so your socks aren’t soaked through with sweat. These shoes will usually include the same Gore-Tex technology you might find in your ski or rain jacket. Gandrs also offers lightweight and comfortable casual and leisure shoes.

Trekking, hiking, casual and leisure shoes for men, women and children – all for active families in sports and leisure shop Gandrs!